Belstead Research provides a number of high performance engineering simulation codes covering all aspects of atmospheric vehicle entry:

  • SAMj - destructive re-entry framework. The SAMj toolkit provides an integrated, state-of-the-art 6dof/3dof engineering assessment of destructive re-entry. Its component-centric approach and advanced heating models are ideally suited to assessing the casualty risk of vehicle designs and rebuilding wind tunnel experiment results.
  • ESA DRAMA - Belstead Research has significant experience in the use of the DRAMA re-entry tool to model spacecraft and re-entry events.
  • ESA PADRE - Belstead Research led the development of the PADRE probabilistic re-entry tool, which can be used to perform stochastic assessments of re-entry events.
  • SAM-on-Rails - spacecraft aerothermal model. SAM-on-Rails provides a state-of-the-art aerothermal evaluation within a simplified engineering re-entry code. SAM-on-Rails is currently used at ESA-ESTEC within the Concurrent Design Facility (CDF).
  • TRF - time risk framework. During the final weeks of orbit decay, TRF identifies and tracks the distinct periods within the overall uncertainty window during which a specific region-of-interest is at risk of impact.
  • ETD - elastic tether dynamics suite. Developed as part of an ESA GSP project, the ETD suite of tools model the dynamic behaviour of elastic tethers used in many active debris removal mission proposals.